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How to Learn a Foreign Language—Quickly.

How to Learn a Foreign Language—Quickly.
By Alfonso Borello

If you are in a hurry, full-immersion is the ticket. Let's skip introductions and analyze some fundamentals which have been used by many polyglots and world travelers. Some tools require a small investment while others are free. Expensive courses are not necessary because they are designed with patterns of instant gratification but in the real world they are ineffective because languages are spoken naturally and often with colloquialism. You can definitely use them later if you have deep pockets but only for reinforcement. This is good news but remember that nothing was ever achieved without willpower. If you are weak on that side, learning a foreign language will surely help you to develop willpower because the challenge is real. Let's get started.

1. Setting up the ideal environment with a study room. Avoid distractions of any kind by segregating yourself in a room with no noise. If unable use over-the-ear headphones…