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Learning Chinese

Accelerated Learning: English/Chinese - The Pillow Book of Carmen Garcia - Enhanced Edition


No more boring drills that make you yawn and funny outdated gibberish which make everyone laugh. Learn through stories; the most effective method to increase your vocabulary in Chinese and any other language.

Who can benefit from this program?
You are English-speaking, you're not fluent or simply just starting out and you wish to understand Chinese.
You speak Chinese, you do not speak English but you want to increase your English vocabulary.
The story is in English, and Level One of this edition includes 300 Chinese words.

What's new and effective with this program?
The story is dramatic enough to increase retention. The 300 words are included right before the English equivalent and they are typed in 60 percent gray; there's no need to hover on the word, so that you can grasp the meaning right away within the contest, naturally; but if you click on the link, it will take you to…