The New Thriller Giallo by Alfonso Borello

Can a cluster of underground traders disrupt a currency?

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GIALLO is a work of fiction. Any similarity to anything or anybody is unintended. 
The story you're about to read is for entertainment only and contains harsh language. Do not attempt.
Copyright © 2012 by Alfonso Borello
All rights reserved.
Published in the United States.
Cover design by Alfonso Borello

Also by Alfonso Borello

MANSTAT (April 2012)

For Franchesca,
My Twitter friend.


Are you sure this thing is going to work?” Shukanta typed.
“Trust me, this is going to explode in a minute,” I typed back.
“It gives me the creeps just to look at the damn chart.”
“Don't screw things up or you're going to miss the momentum. Either jump in at the signal, or stay out,” typed Goldmine.
“It's a lot of money. I never traded a single lot; all I did was the micro, 8,000 units at max, up to yesterday,” Shukanta replied.
“Fuck the micro! That's pussy trading,” typed MonsterMind.
The chat room was getting animated.
“Hey guys, what happened to ForexSuckers or whatever was the name of that new dealer?” Sizzler asked.
“The other day I was in with twenty lots and the freakin' system started going nuts. My orders got closed at market, I think they did it. After that, they shut down for the day.”
“Twenty lots?”
“They probably freaked out,” typed Monstermind.
“I don't care, if they don't want my business, heck with them. I'll play somewhere else.”
“Yeah, teach these sissies how it's done,” typed Pipette, the Chinese superstar. “You burned 'em out, I'm quite sure.“
“What I like about Oanda is that you trade any amount and they never blink an eye.”
“I like them too; they put the regular folks, like us and the big banks all in the same pot.”
“Yeah, that's classy.”
“How many lots have you traded with them in a single shot?”
“Forty lots?”
“Yeah bro', forty big fat lots.”
“What's that, just for a quick math?”
“100,000 times forty.”
“I was trading the US dollar against the Swiss franc, and all of the sudden it was on fire, cha-ching, cha-ching, and cha-ching! I was laughing hard, my stomach hurt. Better that anything you'll ever experience. My girl kept yelling, 'Would you stop looking at the damn monitor and come to the room and fuck me?' I told her to fuck off; she hasn't talked to me since.”
“All right guys, it's moving.”
“Send the signal!”
Place market order at 1.3766 no stop loss (SL), take profit (TP) at 1.3810 trade at your own risk.
“Let's go folks, let's go!”
“Yeah, it's going to skyrocket!”
“Fuck DB, fuck it! Go suck my lily, and tell the other suckers from now on to keep selling bonds, and jack up the rates.”
“Economists my ass. You can't keep up with us, we are now the center of gravity of the Forex market. We are the revolution. It's no longer you, suck-up bankers who control the world currency, you're fuckin' doomed. Capisci?”

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