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My Little Book of Cebuano Vol. 2: Bisayan/Visayan

Learn modern Cebuano/Bisaya aka Visayan in 12 easy lessons, with grammatical notes, word clusters for easy retention and tips for better hands-on communication. Volume 2 differs from volume 1 and can be used as a standalone phrasebook.

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Learn and practice Italian with confidence; pick up your vocabulary with new words by reading Volo 4590 written in simplified Italian/Intermediate level.

È il 25 luglio dell’anno 2000 ed il cielo è sereno e rimarrà così secondo le previsioni del tempo, davvero una bella giornata per un decollo senza problemi.
I fatti descritti in questa storia sono realmente accaduti. La storia che state per leggere e' stata scritta con un vocabolario ridotto per facilitarne la lettura agli studenti d'Italiano con una conoscenza media della lingua, ma e' interessante per lettori a qualsiasi livello.

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La Dieta che Uccide - Easy Italian Reader bonus material

If you are interested in reading books in Italian and English and you have your hands on the easy reader La Dieta che Uccide please enjoy this bonus material. This supplement will help you with retention: Please review the common words list above after reading the book.

The word cloud above will help you to review and retain the words in chapter 1.

Practice the phrases in the mind map above.

Review the words in the cloud above.
Practice the words by reading the sentences in the mind map above. (It says chapter 1 but it's actually chapter 2).

Take a look at the words in this chapter.

Read and practice the sentences with the Italian words included in this section.

 Don't forget to search two or three words preferably between quotation marks and find new phrases. Take pen and paper and write down everything for better retention. a Practice the sentences with the words above.

Please review the words in the cloud above.

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If you are looking for books in Italian or anything Italian English, VISUAL ITALIAN is a new book worth reading.

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